🥔Malfeasance and abuse of Power🐥瀆職濫權

Canadian Civil Liberties Association🍁We welcome the government’s decision to revoke the proclamation of emergency – it is overdue. From the outset, however, we have stated that the government did not meet the legal thresholds set out in the Emergencies Act.

We continue to believe that there was an insufficient legal basis for resort to the Emergencies Act and that the orders the government passed under this legislation were unconstitutional.

We also continue to believe that it’s important for the courts to comment on the legal threshold and constitutional issues so as to guide the actions of future governments.

Even though the orders are no longer in force, Canadians are left with the precedent.

加拿大公民自由協會🍁我們歡迎政府決定撤銷緊急狀態公告 – 早就應該這樣做了。然而,從一開始,我們就指出政府沒有達到《緊急情況法》規定的法律門檻。