Here Comes The 🐻

Monday, July 19, 2021

Rombo: The clock is ticking. Total proof of election fraud, de-certification, arrests for treason, and an entirely new election is coming.

If you think the election wasn’t stolen.. you are the brainwashed who don’t think for yourself.. Quit listening to the propaganda already.

If you are scared of Covid and the endless variants.. you are the brainwashed who don’t think for yourself. Again.. quite listening to the propaganda already.

The truth is out there if you seek it.

Buyandhold 2012: These ultra low interest rates under Biden are really a pain in the neck.

Biden just can’t seem to do anything right.

You go to a bank and they offer you bupkis on your certificates of deposit.

A friend called me this morning with $900,000 in cash that he wants to invest in the stock market.

So I told him to check out 5 stocks. Broadcom,Chubb,Citigroup,IBM & Philip Morris.

Al Roman: No one is going to want to come here with BLM and antifa types running around with impunity controlled by a sympathetic communist board.

Jade Lin: The markets are free falling?! Guess you know, but the last one though!